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Welcome Back - We Are Open

We've followed government guidance and completed our risk assessments implementing as many safety measures as necessary to keep our customers safe. Our handyman Graham has put protective screens up sectioning off the front shop. Please read and follow the below guidelines before visiting our lovely little shop...

- If you are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has, please do not visit our shop. Call or email with your order and we're happy to deliver it to your door.

- Only one customer is allowed in the shop at any time. If someone is already in the shop, please wait at a safe distance from the door. We would recommend not allowing children to accompany you to the shop however we know that this isn't always possible.

- Please use our hand sanitiser when entering the shop and we are encouraging you to bring your own sanitiser, masks and gloves where possible.

- Please do not handle any products on display unless you are going to purchase them.

Our collection service is still running and we are encouraging customers to use it. Simply call or email us with your order and we'll allocate a safe collection time for you.

We're so pleased to be back in business and looking forward to seeing you soon!