Cake Tins to Hire

We advise booking your chosen cake tins in our diary as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Simply email or call us quoting the shape and size of your chosen tin. We will need to know the date of collection and payment is required to secure your booking.

Tin hire is subject to a refundable £10 CASH deposit and hire costs start at £3.

Cake tins are provided in a bag and MUST be returned in the same condition as hired within 3 days.

Cake tins are to be washed in clean hot soapy water and dried thoroughly with a tea towel.

Do Not put our cake tins in the dishwasher or use harsh chemicals to clean them.

If your cake tin isn't returned in its original condition then your deposit will cover the cost of repairs or replacements.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hire A Cake Tin

Some of our tins are shall we say "well loved" but they are perfect for baking and creating!

Cake Tins to Buy

We only have one of each tin shown below and advise claiming your chosen cake tins as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. These tins are second hand and though they show signs of use they are perfect for baking family cakes in. Tins are £4 each and we have some great ideas for decorating them... get in touch! Simply email or call us quoting your chosen tin and we'll reserve it for you.

Purchase A Cake Tin

We cannot take credit for the above cake images along side our cake tins as they are from various sources and are solely used to promote the outcome of using the cake tins. If you would like to know the original source of an image used please get in touch and we'll happily provide credit to the producer.